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Captured in 2019, five people currently face as long as 10 years in jail on charges of fixing esports matches.

Five Men Charged with Match-Fixing in Esports

Australia has accused five men of match-fixing offense in Counter-Strike: mega888

Global Offensive in what is the nation’s initially committed get serious about debasement in esports.

The defilement embarrassment zeroed in on the semi-proficient mega888 gaming association ESEA-Mountain Dew League. Specialists from Victoria Police Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit charged the speculates a week ago and, whenever saw as liable, the men could look as long as 10 years in jail.

The captured people are for the most part in their mid 20s. Two 20-year elderly people men and one 22

-year elderly person from Mill Park were captured in 2019. An additional 19-year elderly person – at the hour of the capture – was from South Morang. The police additionally captured two different suspects from Mount Eliza. The most

seasoned man to be captured was a 27-year old individual from Sale, Victoria.


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