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Everything except the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), which has been centered around shielding players and keeping esports clean from defilement.

Australia Leads the Way in Addressing Corruption in Esports

Australia is accepted the first nation to view debasement in quite a grand lotto while appropriately. The nation has introduced another guard dog that will handle extortion and defilement in the two fragments – esports and sports.

The recently delegated CEO, David Sharpe, who comes from ASADA, Australia’s Anti-Doping office,

knows about debasement in esports as he has recently worked together with associations to address match-fixing and doping.

Peterson and Sharpe are both mindful that defilement in esports is taking grand lotto

on more prominent measurements and the two of them need to change that.

Giving over a 10-year jail sentence would in all likelihood not happen,

as Australia is presumably going to look to bring issues to light than punish young

people for abusing what is as yet a dark industry.

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